QUOTE: BELIEVE those who are seeking the truth!

                Doubt those who find it!

Years ago a local church had a slogan with stickers for cars in the congregation,

         I FOUND IT!!                                                                                                                                                        My response at the time was, IF YOU THINK YOU’VE FOUND IT, YOU HAVEN’T!!

Recently I completed a project that I’ve been working on for over 40 years! I even made the comments to the effect, “I finally found the last piece of the puzzle. It all fits perfectly!”

And then today I read the quote of the day stated above!!!!  If you use the saying, I Found IT, you are closing your mind to any additional information available or any that could become available in the future. So when you say I FOUND IT!

YOU HAVEN’T!!!!!  🙂     Think about it!



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What Can You Do To Prevent Suicide/Update

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

This indeed is one of the most important things you can do. Give the person this number. Post it around in places so that it can be seen by everybody. Volunteer at Suicide Prevention Call Centers.


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What Can YOU DO to Prevent Suicide?

“A Million LITTLE Things” is a current TV Series (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, GETTING THE DVD when the season is over and the DVD is available. The main point of the series is that IT IS NOT the big things but a million little things that build up until the person considering killing themselves can’t see any other way out to stop the pain except ending their life!  WHAT CAN WE/ANYBODY DO?

1. Yesterday a cousin of mine called and said, “I’ve just lost my sense of humor, what can I do?”  I said, “Well, why did you lose it?”  We talked for 20 minutes and by the time we hung up she was laughing. She said, “Thanks I needed that!”

2. YOU CAN UNDERSTAND THEIR PAIN!  One year ago I had a problem with a jaw tooth. It started on a Friday afternoon and I tried to “handle it” until Monday because on weekends ( you know the drill!), anyway I was able to manage the pain all weekend by sipping cold water constantly and taking Tylenol. By early Monday morning I was climbing the walls! The pain was so bad I had gotten to the point I wanted it to stop and if I had had a gun I might had used it! ( one reason to not have firearms around!)

3. BE There with them if you can!  A survey of those few who survive suicide attempts shows that everyone who didn’t succeed said later that after they “jumped or shot or took the pills” they wished they had not!
They really didn’t want to die, they just wanted to end the pain!!!

NEVER do THIS!  Never tell the person’s family or anybody else that the person who committed suicide will never go to Heaven because suicide is a deadly sin! Whatever you believe you do not have the right or duty to judge and tell that to anybody!

I believe we are here on Earth to learn. The many opportunities come with choices and we always have a choice. We can choose an easy road and not learn much or a hard road and learn a lot. Some really big lessons require dangerous roads. If we make mistakes and take the dead-end road (pun intended, :), we’ll get another choice to take a different one. Each road winds up in Heaven.

“Choose what you will, live with it you must!”  Yoda

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And a lot has been going on, but I decided to wait until some of the clouds partied and clear skies opened up before I shared the progress. Much of the research into the inner side of our being is composed of doing and then thinking about it, letting all that we’ve learned “sink in”  and then waiting for the next wave of understanding and learning to appear. It is a slow (years) process but every stage is important to the overall outcome.

Brief review of previous plateaus in The Seth Project:

1. Hypnosis: Learning the technique of guided hypnosis and meditation and exploring age regression techniques. ( See previous blog posts about The Seth Project)

2. Understanding quantum physics on a level of involvement in spiritual growth. Examining personal beliefs as related to the topics listed in #1 above.

3. Deciding what path of the many available to take when learning. I tried several different ones and then “my spiritual guides” told me, “there are only very small rocks on your path, you are on the right road, move on!”  And so I have!

Some of the major lessons learned on the quest for spiritual growth:

1.The physical body dies, but the spiritual one does not!

2. What GOD is, is personal to each individual.

3. Everything is connected by energy and vibrations. 

4. GOD does not make mistakes! There are no abominations! 

5. YES, you can meditate! If you can “daydream, you can meditate!

6. YOU ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE!  ALWAYS!!! If you don’t like what you have, change it!

7. YOU create your own reality!

8. Guided hypnosis and meditation can heal (This will become a major part of medicine in the next two decades!)

9. Quantum physics and quantum mechanics will become “common knowledge” in the next 10 years!

10. “If you believe, you will receive!” is TRUE!!!!

11. Suicide IS NOT A SIN! IT is a LESSON!    

The next steps on my path of understanding:

1. Stones: formation, choosing cleansing, using

2. Reiki Training, Scheduled,  January 2019

Questions?             ralawson@knology.net



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DO You REALLY Have to LIVE it in Order to LEARN It?

First hand experience might be the best way to learn a lesson,  but is it necessary  to LIVE every experience in order to LEARN the lesson?

If you read a book, watch a movie, watch somebody else’s life or just think about about a situation that teaches a lesson in life, can’t you learn your lessons without actually living them out in your own life?

Think about it. There are MANY ways in life to learn. Pay attention to everyday life  and learn all of the time.

Does it really matter how we learn? Isn’t the main outcome that we LEARN?


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Hallmark being chased by Lifetime!

The race isn’t close, YET! BUT if you had bought stock in the company that now owns Hallmark CH, etc. (now privately owned) you would not be worried about the stock market ups and downs!

For years the Hallmark Channels have concentrated on “formula” Christmas, Thanksgiving and other holiday movies and series that are built around family issues and causes. Over the last 5 years they realized that in addition to “cards” and stores and decorations that their annual movies were bringing in big money during the holidays and they expanded the formula to the entire year! BIG SUCCESS!

There is a HUGE reason for their continued and growing successes: Simple and true; the good guys always win and the bad ones never do! Of course it is a little more complicated than that but pretty much the Movie AND the Series MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER AT THE END AND MAKE YOU WANT TO COME BACK FOR MORE!

SO Hallmark, watch your back, Lifetime Channel is learning from your successes! AND YOU as a reader, find out who owns the Lifetime Channel and buy some stock in it because LIFETIME CHANNELS are breaking “new ground” that Hallmark hasn’t tried yet……..YES, it IS that obvious! I see it!

Do YOU know what it is!?      ralawson@knology.net 

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Author Update: Icelandic and Scandinavian Writers, Arnaldur Indridason

Crime Thrillers! One of the best Icelandic Authors, Arnaldur Indridason  has written 12 crime thrillers about Reykjavik, Iceland  including Jar City and Reykjavik Nights. Recently he started a new series of books about war-time (WWII) in Reykjavik during and after the occupation by American and British troops. In addition to the murders he includes the social issues that arose because of the influx of foreigners. War and occupation always bring changes and the psychology of why people kill others is studied in the first two books in this series:

The Shadow District and The Shadow Killer

Several of Indridason’s books have been made into movies with one of the best being JAR CITY!

Iceland was strategically located during the World Wars and was therefore involved in unique ways. Reading about them explains a lot not only about the wars but also the people!

Great reads for these long winter nights! Clear your calendar because once you start one of these books you won’t want to stop until the ending!

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