BOOK REVIEW: John Grisham/The Rooster Bar

And yet another book by John Grisham AND the first one I didn’t enjoy reading! HOW CAN THAT BE POSSIBLE? I asked myself that……………I didn’t like the subject matter, I didn’t like the characters, I didn’t like the whole story line!

It was well written as all of his books are but this one was depressing…………and slow in action…….In the “author’s note” he mentioned that he took a lot of “Liberties with facts and figures and situations”….but if only half of what the facts are true our “student loan system” is not only in disarray it is full of holes that need fixing. Also it looks like our “court system in some areas” is a sham and a disgrace.

This is the 2nd book in a row, (Glass Houses by Louise Penny) that I’ve just read that actually “points to a Higher Court” called “the conscience of humans”. I agree that “the law of conscience/consciousness” can appear to be that higher court and in some incidences brought into action. (I thought about this for a long time and came to that conclusion too.)  Just as those two authors did.

Will I read the next book by John Grisham?, absolutely. He is a great writer, and I would suggest his next book take a look at another group, the Veterinarian System (including the insurance part of it).

I welcome comments………………..all of them!


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Book Report: Louise Penny, Glass Houses

It all started with STILL LIFE, many years ago when the small village of Three Pines was created. It was/is a small village south of Montreal, Canada very close to the USA border. It is so real that I check the weather in Montreal every day to see how the weather in Three Pines is going to be!

Louis Penny has written 13 books about this wonderful place and its inhabitants. GLASS HOUSES (13) is perhaps the best individual book so far. From book #1, STILL LIFE characters were there and began developing into a village of friends, neighbors, and community.

The series is about LIFE, all kinds of life, all kinds of people. Murders happen and are solved by psychological deduction. You think you’ve figured out who the murderer is and then you find out you were wrong.

I’ve read all of the them so far and expect to read just as Louise Penny will write!

Book #1 has been made into a movie. DVD is available from Amazon.

If you know someone who loves books and likes to see the movie translation, Still Life is for you!

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How Much is Enough?

“Headlines: Nick Saban wins the 5th National Football Championship in the last 9 seasons!

Swimmer wins a thousand gold medals in career.  Senate and House of Representatives maintain their seats for 40 years.  Oldest living Judge in the history of law hangs on. Actors win 8+ Academy Awards. Oldest living CEO in the world just renamed!

Makes me wonder. Why do they just hang on until either they die or lose so bad they are thrown out? Isn’t there anything else in the world that they could move on to that would give them the same satisfaction of success?

There is so much diversity in life! Yes, in all walks of life. Why not say, “I’ve done this and done it well. Now I want to move over and do something else and see if I can do that well too.?”



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How Depression Can Creep Up On You!

We recently had our time with “This year’s cold/flu/crud” that’s been going around since before Christmas. Just about everybody has had some form of the epidemic since the flu shot hasn’t been very effective.

Some of the main symptoms have been depression and lack of energy! When you have a fever and can’t eat properly you don’t sleep well either! Your whole immune system takes a toll on you.

Of course you don’t feel good, but you also get depressed when you don’t see signs of feeling better after a week or so……………….Note: when we get close to death our body prepares us for the transition by taking the focus on everyday living to somewhere beyond.  Most of the time normally healthy people can hang on and just  wait until they feel better.  BUT sometimes other people just slip deeper into depression. 

At these times, we need to watch our loved ones and pick up on the signs of extended bouts of depression and seek and/or recommend professional help. Medications can help prevent enduring problems.

The point is that depressions associated with sickness should go away as soon as the illness starts getting better. If a positive outlook doesn’t return soon. Concern is appropriate! PAY ATTENTION!!

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Camino Island, John Grisham book review

A sleepy little resort town in Florida, quiet, reserved completely off the radar for drama and excitement………..until some mistakes and miscues elsewhere in the world pinpoint Santa Rosa as the center of the action!

Grisham builds the main players in the drama by their function in the mystery. One of the main themes is how do you justify lying and cheating and misleading people to trust you and then suddenly set them up for a fall? What kind of person does that make you? You actually care about all of the participants EXCEPT the “real” criminals.  But why do you?

You are ready to say at the end of the book……………”Well, I really don’t like the way it ended!” And then you end the book and feel all warm and cozy and say to the walls, “Yep, don’t know how he does it, but Grisham has done it again!”  And immediately you go online and buy the next JG book in line!












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To my Blog Followers: I’ve been “Quiet” for awhile, and here is the reason why:

I’ve embarked on a new project tentatively called “The Seth Project” in respect for Jane Roberts, The Seth Material books.

I’ve been searching for “The Truth” since I was born I believe! It started as being an avid reader of books and then focused on certain areas as I grew older and had questions about religion. It has grown into a search for the “secrets of the Universes” and how I/We relate to ourselves and everything else that is!

When I realized I was not an abomination I moved on to find out how I could move mountains with the faith of a mustard seed! Books like Jonathan Livingston Seagull, and The Seth Material by Jane Roberts and others brought me to where I am now. 

Over the years topics such as hypnosis, meditation, prayer and life after death kept me continually coming back to my searches for “understanding” and peace!

An interesting comment I read recently was, “Almost everything we think we know about the world we live in is WRONG”! Of course as we walk our paths toward knowledge our views and beliefs change as we go along and I’ve found that what I thought I knew about hypnosis, meditation, prayer and life after death was mostly wrong! After reading many more books and thoughts and discussions the path to my enlightenment lighted up in 2012 when a good friend of mine gave me a copy of Proof of Heaven by Dr. Eben Alexander. Dr. Alexander’s second book, The Map of Heaven came along and the path got brighter. Living in a Mindful Universe by Dr. Alexander was published this year (2017) and coincided with the beginning of my “soul journey”.

My interest in reaching higher levels of consciousness has always been at the top of my “to do list” and 5 months ago my lifelong dream of actually doing something about it started. 2 qualified professionals and I (the subject) started “The Seth Project” using Hypnosis as a means of reaching levels of consciousness in a controlled and recorded process. Our plans are to continue this project in guiding trance levels of consciousness by looking at this lifetime and previous lifetimes using hypnosis. At some point we will write and publish a book of our findings, not to tell something new, but to show how anyone who truly believes that we as mere mortals are also much more than we think we are. We Truly are One With our GOD!

I will be adding a continuing line of accomplishments called The Seth Project Findings as seen through my eyes during hypnosis this month. Also follow me on Facebook, Richard Lawson (I’m the only one in a tuxedo out of the many listed :))





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Heaven must be like a Hallmark Movie!!

All of my blog followers know what respect and pleasure I hold toward Hallmark, Inc.! This is a group of people (back to private ownership now) that really care about people…..” When you care enough to send the VERY BEST!”

2 Channels now and a new one next year. The Movie CH, Murders and Mysteries CH and the new Hallmark Drama CH.

Hallmark is my “go to” for an uplifting experience! When I’m down and out I get up and shout, “Get me a Hallmark Movie”!!!! I’m not embarrassed by this, I think I’m smart. It’s the best most economical therapy around. Everybody needs something uplift their spirits in the world we live in and I’ve found mine!

21 NEW Christmas movies this season and they are replaying movies from previous seasons. They have movies, series regulars and seasonal special themed programing all year-long.

Got to hand it to you Hallmark, you know how to please a crowd……..with style and grace!

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