The Seth Project June 19/2018….the end of PHASE I

Opening a “Can of worms”!  The following discussion is “my opinion“. Your opinion is just as important and as right as mine is. Read mine and then decide what yours is. I offer mine to challenge you to think about your own opinion.

What is religion versus spirituality to me?

RELIGION is an organized body of beliefs, customs, support systems that believe in one GOD.

SPIRITUALITY is the belief in one GOD and that each human body has an eternal soul that never dies. In death, the human body is cast aside and the soul returns to the CELESTIAL where all creation takes place. REINCARNATION ( living many lifetimes instead of just one)  is a part of this system of beliefs. Many of the religions of the world to include Christianity have believed in reincarnation for thousands of years. When the “modern” versions of the Bible were being prepared many sources that referenced reincarnation were removed and classified a heretical. It was feared that if people believed that they had many chances to “get things right” they wouldn’t be so easily controlled by the “religious churches” in the “now”. Don’t believe me? Google it, “Parts of religious teachings that were removed or left out of the sources considered for the new and latest Bibles”.

Based on what you believe topics such a prayer, meditation, healing and life after death will mean different things to you and others.

PHASE I  (Complete/ June 2018) of the Seth Project was directed at learning about hypnosis techniques and how they can be used for the healing of the body, mind and soul. Hypnosis and Meditation are closely related in working with the subconscious mind in age regression techniques.

PHASE II of the Seth Project (Begins July/2018) will continue with hypnosis techniques and other methods of attaining altered states of consciousness such as neurofeedback and music. It will also follow our adventure into “reading the Akashic Records”.

Blog entries for a while will address some of the many topics that came up during our PHASE I of The Seth Project.

Questions and Comments are welcomed, either here on the blog or




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The Seth Project June 10/2018

Meditation does many things that benefit the mind, body and soul of those who use it. One of the major benefits is that it helps your body to relax so that your soul can grow in the quietness and peace of the LIGHT! Periodically I will include stories and parables like the one below to open your mind to different ideas about how “life here” and “after here” work. You will find yourself thinking about the parable you will read below and questions will come into your consciousness that will lead you to other answers and other questions. Your quest for understanding will prosper!


The Parable of the Little RED TRAIN:

As the story goes, at birth we are all given a train to use during our lifetime to get us where we need to go on our Earth journey.  At the end of each lifetime you turn in your train at the train terminal. It has always been a “Green Train”.  Nobody knows why  but it has just always been that way. You get born, you get your Green Train.

So, it was a great surprise to all of the “train people” one day when they came to work and in the middle of all of the Green Trains sat a bright RED TRAIN! Much ado about this new happening created quite a stir and someone  stopped everything and asked why this RED TRAIN was sitting in line with all of the “regular Green Trains”?

The Head train person called everyone’s attention and made this statement, “Ever so often we learn that some changes in our routines and protocols need to be updated. It has been many years since any changes have been made but we are beginning today by issuing a special person a special train to signify that this soul is starting the Earth Train ride with a handicap that makes this life an especially  hard lifetime to live. In addition to a RED TRAIN this soul has been given a huge heart filled with love and devotion and understanding for all of the people who get on the Red Train.”

Much chatter spread all over the area and everyone was wondering what handicap rated such special treatment as a having a new color for your train. When everyone quieted down, the Head train person said, “Red Trains from here on out announce to everyone who sees it that inside is a special person who has Autism on this train ride to educate people about this condition and to assist others who have it to make the train ride one of privilege.

As the years go by I expect to see many other colors used for these special trains.

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YOU and YOUR Aging Garden!

When you go out every morning or afternoon and review what is going on in your garden/gardens it sometimes is an “eye opening experience”! Several things you see trigger a collection of thoughts that make the reality of where you are in your life VERY EVIDENT!

Over the last several years we have continued to plant perennials, trees, shrubs in our gardens (North, South, Behind the Shop and Back of Patio). As we have aged we have bought bigger potted plants to add to the gardens BECAUSE none of us know how much longer we will live; so plant larger to get bigger, faster and see them before you die! 🙂  Now that is not depressing, just being realistic! 🙂

This time of year squirrels are digging little holes everywhere. It is VERY annoying! BUT they do this as a natural instinct to make holes for seeds of all kinds to fall into and grow and replenish their food supply and by accident keep all plants coming back every year. Take that idea to the human level, many industries replant trees routinely (pines, maple syrup trees, etc.) to keep supplies ongoing! As gardeners, we keep replanting to continue different species of flowers, trees, shrubs, etc. so that generations to come will have the wonderful experience of natures gifts!

If you have been blessed by having a garden however big or small, enjoy it everyday, share it with others, and thank “your lucky stars” that you are a part of nature and believe that passing it on to those who follow us is a joy to behold!


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The “Seth Project” May22/2018 DNA in Heaven? Life Reading (some of your questions answered).

How much does a Life Reading cost? The going rate is $100.00-125.00  ($150 with a recording of session)

Why would you want one? Curiosity? To answer questions about why some things have happened to you in this lifetime? To find out if your present medical condition is tied to a past life happening? The results make great “party conversation” fodder!

DNA in Heaven? No! DNA is found on earth as part of our physical makeup. It is a map/record of your physical history (family trees, etc.) here. When we die our body stays here. Our SOUL which is what we really are leaves the body behind and travels to THE LIGHT and wherever or whatever you believe is the “afterlife”.

Why have your DNA tested? The results can show your chances of getting certain diseases and therefore alert you to be aware of symptoms……the disease may “run” in the family. It can show where your earliest ancestors came from and lived over many centuries.  This also makes great “party conversation” fodder!

For questions or comments place them on the blog OR email,


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The Seth Project May/18/2018

Should you get a “LIFE READING”? YES or NO?

One year ago I’d have answered YES!!!! Today, I realize that it is not a simple YES or NO question/situation.

You probably don’t have enough information to make a wise choice, so let’s look at some points to consider:

  1. Why do you even think about it?
  2. Do you know how it works?
  3. Do you know how much it costs?
  4. What do you expect to find out?
  5. How do you find a reputable Life Reader?
  6. What will you do with the knowledge that you receive? Will it help you or hurt you?

I recently got a book that in the introduction it read, “If you are reading this book, you’ve been guided to this book.” Oh, really? Who guided me to this book!?

If you don’t know all of the answers to the above questions, then I would recommend a NO answer. IT is not a parlor game! IT is a serious undertaking.

I’ve had 2 Life Readings and 2 Life Reading Sessions over the last 38 years and I plan to continue to explore the unknown by this method and others until “death do us part”! Stay tuned. Press follow by email button, bottom right corner of this blog entry.

Google, Akashic  Records, Life readings. Ask questions,

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SINS AGAINST HUMANITY SHOULD BE MADE PUBLIC AND JUSTICE METED OUT! IN THE USA OUR LAWS DEFINE THAT A PERSON IS INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY BEYOND THE SHADOW OF A DOUBT! ( NOTE: I’m not sure if there is a law that states it exactly like that but the general public says it that way. In reality it should read, “A person is innocent UNLESS proven quilty!”)

In light of the recent # Me too. era. It appears that that law is being pushed aside with the justification that it’s too bad if a few innocent people get caught up in the frantic effort to bring all of the bad people out of the background and expose and punish them.

It takes guts to come forward and accuse someone of bad conduct (I know!). And those that are coming out of the woodwork now made a choice at the time whether to either participate in the activity, not participate and not report it because of fear of reprisals or not participate and report it regardless of the consequences!


The “sin” of putting someone, ANYONE in the position of having to make one of those choices is REAL as well is the living with it too! These situations are not new. They have been being thrust upon fellow people since the beginning of time. IT is now easier TO COME FORWARD AND REPORT IT though because of the number of people coming forward AND times have changed in that public opinion is united against such behaviors.

The REALLY SAD situation is that some innocent people are being dragged into the courts and jails because of FALSE ACCUSATIONS! Many child advocates for abused children and other children’s services have been falsely accused. Parents have been put in jail because their own children lied about abuse…..jail first, justice later, maybe! If you are in unmonitored company of anyone under 18 you are in potential danger of being falsely accused of rape or molestation! That threat or danger has removed many qualified people from volunteering to work with these people….guilty until proven innocent.





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The Seth Project, Beginnings April 29/2018

NOTE! All Future “The Seth Project” entries will be updated with the month, day and year in the title to make keeping up in order of entry easier.


2 very important things happened between the ages of  8 – 12 years old. I entered the wonderful world of puberty and got introduced to religion! Quite a lot for a changing kid to handle! Hormones fill your body with chemical changes and your body explodes! Yep, that just about describes it! AND on top of all of that , I found out while getting baptized and growing up in religion that I was considered by GOD and all God fearing people to be an ABOMINATION! Sentenced to HELL and “shunned” by society!

And so by the age of 15, I was cast upon the world condemned by GOD and shunned by society!

My Guardian Angel (or Angels), Heavenly Guides, and Spiritual Guides, whatever you want to call them arranged these conditions to lead me down the path toward my awakening to my true Spirituality; I am a child of the One GOD and a beautiful spiritual being.  And so my quest began to work my way through this lifetime and realize my true being and to help others to find and embrace theirs!

There is a lot going on and around in the mind of a 15 year old. The God of the Old Testament seemed to be a wild and crazy guy at times, I imagined that I really was in trouble by being “different”! And then The New Testament God was a really nice person that appeared to love everybody, like with their warts and all! So questions and topics like the above whirled around in my head. I started reading about other religions and over the years  discovered that all of the religions on the planet had some and others a lot of the same ideas and “rules of engagement”! One interesting thing that really got me was that some religions declared that if you didn’t believe and worship THEIR GOD, you were certainly going to HELL and burn FOREVER! After comparing religions I started looking for “enlightenment”………..there just had to be something that I could latch on to and really believe in. By the time I hit the late 20’s I had decided that what I truly felt in my heart and soul had to be what was “my true religion”. And here I am WAY DOWN THE ROAD of this lifetime and I’m happy, content and eager to learn more everyday about where I’m going and what I’m doing with it here and after!

When confronted with my “being different”, I’ve learned that the best answer is a question, “I don’t believe GOD makes mistakes, do you”?
Tips about meditating:

  1. Have a realistic plan: pick a time to meditate EVERY DAY………….like 5 minutes a day just before bedtime or getting up. Have a timer and when the time is up stop. After a while you can up the time and or change the place to a better time/place for you.
  2. Don’t expect some preconceived notion of “what is supposed to happen” during meditation. You may just have a quiet time at first……..not be able to get rid of “chatter” in your mind, but stick with it. You may see light or colors or shapes or shadows or people or clouds or you may see or hear nothing. And that is o.k.! As you practice, your mind will quiet down and your subconscious mind will take over and handle the trials and tribulations that are normally on your mind while you are awake (conscious). During this time your body has time to heal  and comfort your soul.

So whatever you do to “meditate” even if it is just stopping the world and resting for a few minutes you can’t go wrong! You’ll feel better and act better too. 🙂

Next time:  Life Readings ……….DO or Don’t?


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