What can PARENTS do to help prevent suicides?


I recently posted that the younger population is less “receptive and unforgiving” of LGBT than they have been in the past.  What has changed? How do you think that makes those in the LGBT groups feel? Now take it a little further, how does it make them feel if they are rejected by their parents?!!!!!!

THE FACTS ARE: NO parents are happy to hear that their children are LBGT “different”! The parents react in many different ways and 99% suggest change, period!  JUST STOP! “Different” by being deformed, having a low IQ, or just plain crazy seems to be better than being the LGBT kind of different!

To be told that God considers you to be an abomination and that unless you can “change” you might just as well be dead and you’re going to hell anyway. How do you think THAT information makes those in the LGBT family feel? Are you surprised that the death toll is rising steadily every year?

Discrimination by religion ( of all things!  and by reference by GOD that you are an abomination) and then also by the entire population; how do you think that makes them feel? How many choose death over a life of being shunned?

I don’t understand a lot of things but I’ve adopted an old Medical Doctor’s Creed, At the VERY least, do no harm!

So Parents, these are YOUR children, if you can’t love them , AT LEAST DO NO HARM!

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What Can You Do To Prevent Teenage Suicide…July 9th/2019

John Rosemond, American Columnist answered a question recently from a parent who’s 12-year-old told them he was thinking about suicide. FIRST! They were lucky he talked to them in the FIRST place…..most people DON’T talk about it, they just do it!

Those left behind spend the rest of their lives asking, “What could I have possibly done to prevent this loss of precious life?”


1. Make statements as opposed to asking questions!  Give facts such as, “To be honest, suicide is an inappropriate response to a problem, no matter how big the problem seems to be at the moment, so let’s talk about real solutions rather than dwelling on your feelings, etc.” FACTS instead of FEELINGS! Lead the conversations to get the individual to think correctly about ways to find solutions to the problems that are creating the “out of control emotions”.

Go to John Rosemond’s Face Book Page or just Google his name and get his books. His parenting advice  (old school) about raising children is excellent and he gives a lot of valuable advice.

Remember, if you are lucky enough to get to talk about it…………FACTS  not  FEELINGS!

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Reiki / The Seth Project ( The Healing Energy of the Quantum Theory)

The Seth Project was created a couple of years ago in order to have a framework to capture the research that a group of us wanted to explore concerning spiritualism and the supernatural. We studied hypnosis and past life regressions pertaining to the healing qualities of looking inward and upward to find comfort in our lives and reported on those and other relevant topics. A great deal of time in-between post under The Seth Project “umbrella” may pass because I wait until we have evaluated the results before publishing thoughts concerning the studies.

Earlier this year I first heard about Reiki. As we do when studying anything/subjects a lot of different topics and ideas come across our minds with some of them demanding immediate attention and others passing as interesting but “not right now” information. Such things as stones/crystals, chakras, guru following, books and more books flood our minds with ideas and avenues and side trips on related topics!  I’d been doing just that for about 2 years when a good friend of mine invited me to a lecture on stones and crystals. That first step led to my taking my first lessons in Reiki.

What is Reiki? It is a technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Healing is made possible from making access to the vital life force or universal life energy.

I attended massage classes several years ago and Reiki expands my ability to conduct successful Reiki sessions.

After being introduced to the Reiki techniques and philosophy I decided to take the classes and become a Reiki Practitioner (One who can administer Reiki). There are 3 levels of Practitioners: Levels 1, 2 and 3. I’ve completed the first 2 levels and plan on completing Level 3 before the end of the year. Each level allows an additional degree of expertise to be practiced. 

The benefits of becoming a practitioner are many:

1. Increases your desire and use of meditation on a regular basis.

2. When you “give Reiki, you also “get” Reiki!

3.  You are able to help other people by giving them Reiki at “Reiki Circles” that are sponsored in communities by the various Reiki Groups worldwide.

4. Reiki techniques are rapidly being requested in hospitals as means of lowering blood pressure and other complications prior to and after operations or procedures in the medical fields reduce stress and pain without the use of  (or less use of addictive drugs ).

I plan on continuing my studies, sharing my knowledge and expanding my world of spirituality.

Blessings of LOVE and LIGHT!

Let your Love Light Shine!



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YOUNG show less LGBTQ Tolerance!

We (my friends and I) had a conversation just recently in which we remarked that the “younger generations” under 30 years of age seem to respect diversity of race much more than the population over that age. And that it seemed to suggest that other areas of diversity would see the same respect for all types of diversity, so it was a surprise to read the article (On the front page of USA Today 06.27.19) the above title!

The article  shows 4 age groups: 18-34 / 35-51 / 52-71 / 72+ 

The  overall tolerance level averages out at about 30%  BUT the biggest difference is the JUMP in the age (18-34) group………..from 24% in 2016 to 36% in 2018 !!!!!

What has caused the big jump in this age group?   Part of the answer is non-familiarity. As young people get older they are being exposed to all different types of people including LGBTQ people who are not not identified as lesbian or gay such as transgender. Unfortunately the unknown or different people in our society sometimes become the ones to be fearful of. Social media and other instant communication sources spread hate speech, etc. that create a toxic culture that envelopes young people that instill fear, alienation and permissibility that can sway impressionable young people in a community toward violence!

In one of my earlier blogs I ask the questions, “Does how we look matter? What we wear, physical appearance, how we act in public? Do they matter?”. Another question, “How do you change the way people feel about you?” Think about it! The answers are self evident. *

* Facts and figures courtesy of USA TODAY June 27, 2019


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The Passage/The Twelve/The City of Mirrors..by Justin Cronin…..Book Review

Over a period of 6 years / 2010-2016,  3 books were copyrighted by Justin Cronin. It is a “book in 3 parts”…approximately 1800 pages.

History: When it hit the best seller list I was intrigued and bought the book. It took me 200 pages to get into the story line but then I was hooked! When book two came out I decided to wait until the 3rd and final book in the series came out before tackling the project again. (It “reads better” if you read all 3 books in order with no time lag between books)…….multiple story-lines require close attention.

Just recently an adaptation of the 1st book, The Passage was on TV.  And I’m glad I saw that! It made the 1st book so much better by being able to visualize the settings!  I don’t know if any of the other books will be adapted to TV but if they are, I’ll be there! I went back and reread book one again before reading the other two.

WHO should read the books? Anyone who loves a challenge and is willing to devote the time and effort to go slow and enjoy the fantastic writing skills of Justin Cronin!

Many authors have used “vampires” as a vehicle to portray a segment of society that is different, outcast, dangerous, etc. Anne Rice, Bram Stoker, Romance novelists. This collection is perhaps the best yet.  Don’t let “vampires” stop you from choosing it to read!!!!

This collection is about the human race and how resilient it is! It is an example of just how fast a civilization can be completely or nearly so wiped out in a very short period of time. But mostly is about the power of hope and love and how those two things trump out everything else!

LONG, Powerful and well worth your time!!!!


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Cosmic Families! Life after death?

If you google “Cosmic Family”, the first thing that pops up is a name of a video game that is supposedly for younger children!  REALLY? I was not aware of that! 🙂 

A video game is not what I was talking about!

When people lose their loved ones by dying  major questions come up about it. Is life on Earth all there is? Is there some part of us that survives death and stays “around”? After death where do we go!? What do we do? Do we get to come back and “do a make-over”? 

First, let’s make some assumptions for this discussion.

1. You believe in life before birth and after death. Whatever you are, you were created as a soul by a Supreme Being and existed before you were born in a human body and  you will exist forever.

2. You have always had an interest in where we go after we die and what we do when we get there.

I always thought that after we die and “go to heaven OR sadly to hell” we would be DOING something. If we wound up in the fires of hell it was pretty obvious that it wouldn’t be a lot of fun and probably be a lack of water. And then there were the rumors of the wonderful streets of gold, harps and singing Angels, beautiful fields and flowers and just continuous enjoyment! I also thought that after a while all of that might get boring. Some thought me blasphemous for some of those thoughts! 🙂

O.K. so after almost 50 years of reading and studying I have finally collected all of my thoughts over the years and decided that I believe that THIS is what happens to EVERYBODY when we die. YES, WE ALL GO To Heaven! There is no hell because Hell is here on Earth and it is of our own making, not GOD’s!

When we die, our soul leaves our body and leaves the Earth plane. A “guiding Light” meets us and helps us move into the realms of what we all consider to be Heaven. That “guiding light” is usually one of our “guides or teachers” who is always with us whether we are in a human body or in some other form somewhere else. After we adjust to being without a body we settle down and are ready to meet our “loved ones, friends, teachers and advisors”. Eternal life is about continual learning.

There is organization in Heaven that allows for total happiness and continual growth of spirit. There a teachers, guides/advisors, friends and most importantly FAMILIES! As Heaven continues to grow, souls are continually being created. As souls grow and learn how to be co-creators with the Supreme Intelligence that we recognize as GOD, family is the foundation of the system. COSMIC FAMILIES.

Cosmic families are made up of 3, 5, 6 souls that make up a group that stays together and “grows up together”. The size and number of the souls may vary. The groups are connected to other groups of souls by 5 or 10 others that stay close to each other. Souls in one group can travel and learn together while staying in their primary groups or branch out and spend time with other groups.

When incarnating individual souls from one group may incarnate with those from another group, sometimes as a male or female, a mother or father, sister or brother, aunt or uncle, a best friend, teacher, and so on. By taking on different roles each soul can learn the different perspectives of each lifetime and lifestyle.  Members of a group or groups in a larger unit tend to incarnate together. Names such as “soul mates” are used to identify those souls more closely connected over the incarnations.

Reincarnation into a human body or some other vehicle on Earth or somewhere else is one of the greatest ways for a soul to learn. But learn what!? What do we have to learn? If Heaven is so wonderful and everybody is “supremely happy” why would anybody EVER want to leave?

My belief is this. In order to understand what a great existence it is to be with GOD and stay in Heaven, we must learn what it is like to NOT BE IN THE CONSTANT PRESENCE OF GOD! Once we learn and understand that we no longer have to or need to continue to reincarnate. We will then be able to move on up closer to GOD and continue to live and co-create with God and the Angels and other Supreme Beings. Jesus mentions these abilities that we will have in the Bible. 

On these journeys we are given the gift of FREE WILL, some call it The GRACE of GOD. We are given different bodies, different talents, suggested “plot lines” for our lives and even guides to help us out. “We can choose what we will, but live with it we must!”! There are no bad or wrong choices because all of them will allow us to learn lessons. Some choices will create harder lives but we don’t have to experience every situation by living it. We can read about it, watch somebody else live it and learn in those ways.

Living as a human being is a great gift. Make the most out of every lifetime.

“The bitterest tears shed over the graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone! Harriet Beecher Stowe

Some references:  The Urantia Book, Many spiritualist books, Journey of Souls, (Case Studies of Life Between Lives)/ by Michael Newton/Hypnotherapist, The Bible.

If anyone has a “deeper” interest in this topic let me know. I am available for discussions or as a source of materials for studies.

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DEATH be Sneaky!! Be READY! :)

Do you know when you will die (bodily)?   Probably not, of course if you are sick and “those medical experts” have told you the time table of probability, Maybe. BUT, you don’t ever think about it, NOT worried about it, OR think about it like it is as long way off.

Recently, we have heard about how many suicides in ALL walks of life are happening, War is still raging all over the world, people WE KNOW personally are dropping dead or getting killed in traffic accidents right here “in River City”! Note: Some of you old timers will know where that is! 🙂


1. What can you carry with you? Remember the weight load allowed when you get on that Lightbeam going to the end of the tunnel! Do you know how much your soul weighs?

2. Are you holding any grudges or hard feelings against anyone? Are all things that you want to/should say said and done? Think about it! As the old saying goes, “Karma is HELL”!

3. What do you think dying is like? Does it hurt? Does it take a long time?

4. After you die and get “there”……….Where is “there”?

5. What are you going to do for the “forever”? I know we’re told all about the golden streets and the harps playing with Angels singing EVERYWHERE for all of eternity, but all of that might just get OLD after the “new and shiny” wears off!

Do you want to know what happens after you have an “earthly death”?

Send me an email request,  ralawson@knology.net  and I’ll send you the titles of 2 books that explain all of that. And NO I didn’t write the books and don’t get any kickback from the person that did. 🙂

Feel free to ask questions……….I’ll answer based on what “little I know”. 🙂

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