Update: The Seth Project, April 23, 2018

Back in March I found out that another group concerned about suicides called their “project” the Seth Project too. Not wanting to confuse people OR steal the other group’s thunder I considered changing the name of my project.

After a lot of thought, I’ve decided that I’m not going to do that. Anybody that finds my blog site won’t be confused by the name and the name means a lot to me as it as was explained in a previous blog entry.

A lot has happened since the last blog entry in March (check out March entry):

In addition to continuing with the weekly hypnosis sessions, I’ve had a “life reading” conducted by a certified agent in Portland, Oregon, added two different experiments to the Seth Project and spent some time evaluating what progress has been made this year and where I want to take the adventure in the future.

A “Life Reading” from the Akashic Field (Google it). In short, every person has a soul and each soul has a “book of all of the happenings in their incarnations for all of time”. Information in these “books” can be helpful in many ways to understand our present lives, our past lives and our eternal journeys back to the LIGHT from which we have come to be. It can help heal physical and spiritual illnesses and guide us in our spiritual quests.

Suggested book: Science and the Akashic Field, An Integral Theory of Everything. by Ervin Laszlo

Note: The book above is well written and easy to understand so don’t get “spooked” by the name!

My next blog entry will be a summary of what my life reading request was and what I got out of the reading.


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HOPE, A Small Western Town Called Hope Valley

5 seasons ago the Hallmark CH started a series called “When Calls the Heart”! Basically it’s about a young school teacher from the East who takes a job “out West” and falls in love with a Royal Canadian Mountie and they get married. Over the years the little town of “Hope Valley” has had trials and tribulations like anywhere else in the world but they’ve always overcome the challenges because when times are tough and rough they all pull together to weather the storms as they always come with regularity!

All of this love and happiness was put to the ultimate test at the end of season 5………”spoiler alert”, when the Royal Canadian Mountie died in the line of duty leaving a grieving young wife behind. What did save the day was the reason why the town was called Hope Valley! Watch the last episode to see the miracle!

Hubert H. Humphrey once said, “The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love!”  And I’ll add HOPE!

The message is great for all of us. No matter how bad things get/are, where ever hope and friendship and love come together happiness will prevail! Amen!


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Alert! “The Seth Project” will be renamed soon! See reason below!

WOW!  What a difference in a name can make!!!!! I just found out that somewhere out there is a group/foundation that is also called the Seth Project AND it is concerned with suicide!!!!!! MY PROJECT IS NOT!

I named my project “The Seth Project” with “SETH”  being  known as the (the other side contact) that Jane Roberts based all of her 5-6 books on decades ago. Remember Edgar Cayce? YES! That kind of contact.

Right now I just want to clear the name of my project up! I’m looking for a new name. It will be a long term project so I want a name that will define and explain the purpose!

Anybody out there got any ideas?

Think about it and let me know via comment on this blog or email.


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The Seth Project 3/22/2018 Why Don’t More People Meditate?

Why don’t more people meditate? They don’t understand what it means and the great benefits (physical and mental and spiritual) that they will get if they do!!! I didn’t! BUT I DO NOW!

Many years ago I attended a “class” to learn about transcendental meditation because at the time it was the “new kid on the block” and it was cool to do it! There were lots of people who showed up that on cold Saturday morning in Aiken, SC to get their “mantra” and learn how to meditate like all of the cool people in California. We were herded in a line through several stations and in less than 30 minutes we had our mantra and very little else! No talk about how to meditate, no explanation as to what I might experience during a meditation or what exactly I would possibly learn or benefit from the process.

Needless to say, after I tried it a few times and got nothing out of it I quit even trying. For the next 30 odd years I figured I was just one of those people who couldn’t meditate.

AND THEN I got interested in “hypnosis” and age regression as a result of reading several books I had had heard of by Brian L. Weiss, M.D., a psychiatrist. His first book, Many Lives, Many Masters has been an international best seller for 30 years by many people interested in life after death and the eternal spirit (soul).

After 23 sessions of hypnosis trances followed by discussions and evaluations by my team working on “The Seth Project” I can now say that I not only know how to meditate but have concluded that I have been meditating for many years and not knowing what I was doing. My subconscious mind was guiding me along and protecting me while my conscious mind was trying and keeping me so busy that I never slowed down or concentrated long enough on “being still and knowing” to really get any benefits from any form of meditating that I was doing.

It is so important that people learn about meditation and meditating that I have decided to make some of the known facts about it available in my blog as reports of work on The Seth Project.

NOTE: Meditation is not necessarily a part of religion. It can be associated with all religions around the world as a part of “be still and know” taken from the Bible, but it is so much more than that. Over the next decade, you will see changes being made in the way mental illnesses are being treated by the increase in usage of hypnosis techniques. Hypnosis/meditation will be used in a lot of treatments for physical illnesses also. Using our minds to heal our bodies will be common place to more people in the days to come. BE a part of the upswing in “awareness”!!!

STAY TUNED and Meditate!!!!!


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The Seth Project update #3 Feb25/2018

Age Regression:  While in a deep trance state of consciousness it is possible to experience “age regression”, go back in time in this lifetime or further back in to previous lifetimes of Earthly incarnations.

Now for you out there that don’t believe in reincarnation because of whatever reason this next part can be an interesting exercise in looking at the people who are in your life now or have been in your life during your existence on Earth. It will be a valuable lesson of taking an inventory of your lifetime experiences.

LOOK around you! Those members of your close family, distant relatives, work related relationships (bosses, coworkers, customers, etc.). Remember all of the “friends” that have come into your life and been there a while and gone away. Some of them return later in life, some you never see again.

WHICH of these people have made a big impact on your life? Which ones have only played a minor part in shaping your life? Which ones are so important to you that you just can’t imagine not having them in your life?

Make a list of these names and people and what part they have played in your life.

 THE NEXT POST will be about your “Cosmic Family”……stay tuned!

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The Seth Project # 2 Update/February/4/2014 (after 18 sessions)

Ater 18 (3 hour) Sessions:  We’ve made a lot of progress!

The weekly sessions have developed into a 4 part procedure. I’m present during all 4 parts.

4 A. One member comes in 30 minutes before the session is to begin. She and I talk about the last session and our lives in general.

4 B.  30 minutes later the other member comes in for the Before Trance Session meeting. That meeting usually lasts for 15-30 minutes when we discuss the other member’s week and then discuss what we want to accomplish in the session of the day (Intention).

4 C. The actual Trance part of the session which varies in length due to time constraints of the members.  Notes are made of my physical and/or vocal activities.

4 D. This is the post Trance discussion: First I report what the trance was like for me, what did I see, feel, hear,”understand”. All 3 members discuss their ideas pertaining to the day’s Trance.  Any member who has the time may stay and visit or further discuss any matter of importance to the Seth Project.

Results thus far:

1. We have perfected the Trance Procedure to the point that I can go into a deep trance after 3 deep breaths. note: we started with 20-30 minute sessions and average 50 to 65 minute sessions routinely now.

2. The 3 of us have built a complete trust in our group and are resolved to continue until at least the end of this year (2018)…and write a book about our experiences 🙂

3. We are including relaxation, healing/ physical and spiritual, age regression/ past and future at this time.

a. During the 2nd age regression session I went back to pre-birth when I was in the birth canal looking out screaming at the top of my lungs….NO,No I won’t do it! I don’t want to go, the opening is too small, NO.NO.  (I was a breach birth and was not supposed to have survived. They had already to my Mother that I wouldn’t survive. It was either or….not both, but guess what………….we BOTH made it!) After that session I was crying so hard we had to stop the session. After I recovered I felt better and felt like a heavy burden had been lifted from my back!

b. The Trance state: to me is a deeper level of consciousness than the commonly state called meditation. I’ve experienced a very deep level of subconsciousness. I return to consciousness almost always refreshed and uplifted.

c. I have had back pain for 15 years and am on a regular medication level so that I have a certain level of pain relief.  After 10 sessions into the project I was able to decrease those levels by 1/3  AND that happen almost overnight…..after one special session of “knowing” I was totally pain free with NO pain medication at all for 3 days….but then I had to go back to the 2/3 level that I was previously on. I do believe that after a while my back pain will be totally gone.

STAY TUNED! MY NEXT POST WILL BE ABOUT  What I see, hear and feel during the trance state AND how we interpret what it all means!!!! Dreams, flashes of knowing, general well being feelings, inspiration!




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BOOK REVIEW: John Grisham/The Rooster Bar

And yet another book by John Grisham AND the first one I didn’t enjoy reading! HOW CAN THAT BE POSSIBLE? I asked myself that……………I didn’t like the subject matter, I didn’t like the characters, I didn’t like the whole story line!

It was well written as all of his books are but this one was depressing…………and slow in action…….In the “author’s note” he mentioned that he took a lot of “Liberties with facts and figures and situations”….but if only half of what the facts are true our “student loan system” is not only in disarray it is full of holes that need fixing. Also it looks like our “court system in some areas” is a sham and a disgrace.

This is the 2nd book in a row, (Glass Houses by Louise Penny) that I’ve just read that actually “points to a Higher Court” called “the conscience of humans”. I agree that “the law of conscience/consciousness” can appear to be that higher court and in some incidences brought into action. (I thought about this for a long time and came to that conclusion too.)  Just as those two authors did.

Will I read the next book by John Grisham?, absolutely. He is a great writer, and I would suggest his next book take a look at another group, the Veterinarian System (including the insurance part of it).

I welcome comments………………..all of them!


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