MAGIC comes with a Price! Who always wins the PRIZE?

This is the college football season here in America. It is winding down to a climactic series of teams knocking the daylights out of each other over an oval ball. Each college that has a football team has masses of followers who either attended that college, had a child who went there, or just really like the school for some reason.

You have very young men playing on these football teams (18-24 years old usually). They have not reached their peak maturity levels and yet are expected to play and use maturity way beyond their years. This means that they are not prepared for the “pressure to win” that hits them during the long fall/winter seasons….especially if their team is either winning or losing big time!

At times it appears to be a demeaning and demoralizing experience for these young men, and yet the majority of them survive and consider it a great opportunity.

The MAGIC in winning is what the coaches and players have to work out for their individual teams. So WHO always wins the games?

The ONES WHO WIN WANT TO WIN THE MOST! They work harder getting prepared for the game, they think about it constantly, and they picture themselves winning the trophy GAME BALL!

WHO wins anything? The ones who work the hardest, play the hardest and lastly, THOSE who WANT IT THE MOST!!!! And that is what puts the MAGIC into anything!


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TV Alert! Tomorrowland, Disney and George Clooney………hope for humanity too!

SyFy Channel………….new  (2015) movie, George Clooney, Hugh Laurie……don’t remember seeing it played on TV before……BUT it is a must see for you and your kids, grandchildren, any children ( of all ages up to 100)……..WATCH IT TOGETHER…YOU OWE IT TO THE CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The best thing about this movie is the at the end………….you will feel GOOD! You’ll feel energized!  AND, You will want one of the “Tokens”.…………………Dream On You Dreamers!

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September BLUE!!!!!

Today as we sit here (GA ) waiting to see what the “hurricanes” will bring us over the next few days………..there is something that EVERYONE ought to see!!!!


I first experienced September Blue many years ago during the fall months. Every afternoon I’d get off the bus from school and walk down the road to the house from the mailbox………….600ft. It would always be about 4:30 p.m. when I’d hop off the bus and head south to the house (rhyme intended)! Ha! 

I noticed that the sky in September always looked different! IT turns out that the angle of the sun on a clear fall day creates the most beautiful shade of blue that you can imagine! This is just one of nature’s gifts to us on Earth to enjoy free of charge!

So now stop what you’re doing and go out into the yard late this afternoon and look up at the SEPTEMBER BLUE SKY!

And feel blessed! Again! We are all so fortunate! During all of this bad weather, look for the Silver Lining and the color of the sky when the dangers pass us by!





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Scandinavian Writers, Maj Sjowall and Per Wahloo ROSEANNA, 1st in a series (Martin Beck)

Looking back 50 years, this series of murder mysteries started with ROSEANNA introducing Martin Beck, First Detective Inspector in 10 books about police crime stories that are respectfully known as “The Story of Crime”.

Many people as I enjoy reading a whole series of books about a group of people who work together to solve the many crimes that plague the lives of everyday members of their societies. This collection presents in the first issue a description of the police department and those that are working together in it and also a wonderful description of part of the country of Sweden.  You will enjoy the differences in the “state of the world” and specifically Europe half a century ago. The characters are as they are, some getting along in life better than others……..but throughout the series, you’ll enjoy watching the changes in the main characters as the changes in their world changes them. Some survive, but some don’t.

THIS SET OF BOOKS WILL MAKE A GREAT GIFT FOR SOMEONE IN YOUR LIFE IF YOU KNOW THAT THEY LOVE CRIME/MURDER NOVELS…..SUGGESTION:  Give them book number 1, Roseanna with the promise that if they like that one, you’ll get them #2, The Man Who Went Up In Smoke!

note: Thanks to Amazon, the rest of the books are available.

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Road Trip, New York State/Living in the Moments #2, Added Procedure

I have had so many requests for more information about “Living In the Moments”!

I’m attaching a procedure that anybody can use to have a “Living in the Moments” experience!

IF you’d like to share your adventure……………send it to me:

Living in the Moments Procedure:

Objective: To create a happy moment for ourselves and those around us.

  1. Start out your day believing that you are going to have a really good day.
  2. Pick a time frame: It can be during lunch or a break or after the “work day” or maybe even ALL DAY!
  3. Tell yourself (mind and body) that you will listen to what your body is telling you and what your mind/heart guides you to do.
  4. When the time comes that you’ve chosen be aware of what your body is telling you; are you comfortable where you are (too hot or too cold…………change locations, etc.) / does your body feel comfortable…..or should you sit or stand or run or walk………?

Whatever your body tells you, do it so that you are listening and doing what your body tells you is the right condition for your “happy moment”.

  1. What is your mind/heart telling you; should you talk to that person or help that lady with the unruly children or help that old lady cross the street, throw a dollar or two in the hat of the kid playing the guitar on the street. YOU WILL KNOW WHAT TO DO!

NOTE: Listen with your mind/heart. Open yourself to connecting with the people around you, connect with their energy. You have a 6 ft. diameter energy field surrounding you as do all things/people…………..FEEL IT AND USE IT!

Results: You will know if your time was successful in living in the moments. You’ll feel happy, fulfilled, energetic, satisfied………..AND you’ll want to do it again.

The more you use this exercise the better you’ll get at being successful. You will be happier and will make the people around you glad you “stepped into their lives!

SHARE THE LOVE!  Y1         8/15/17

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Gunnar Staalesen..Scandinavian Authors Update

Once in a while you/we discover a “new” ….to us….author. I’ve posted recently about Gunnar Staalesen. He is a Scandinavian author ( Norway ) living in Bergen. I’ve found 5 of the 9 published books about the social worker/private detective character, Varg Veum. What makes this author different is his descriptions of the landscape, political, psychological and history of the country, Norway.

Staalesen’s books are to read through once to get the storyline ……………and then put them aside and reread them slowly to let the detailed descriptions of everything in and about the books sink in and enjoy! Definitely books to buy and keep.

He also wrote some detective stories before he started the Varg Veum series but I haven’t been able to find those yet. If anybody out there knows how to get copies of those books………I want to know:

NOTE: “Varg” in Norwegian means “wolf”. The expression “varg i veum” means “persona non grata”, “outlaw” or “pariah”.  From the book cover….

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Lost Somewhere In-between Life and Death

Where do you stand on such a life and death topic? You aren’t dead but you can’t get well and they won’t let you die!

A lady I know is now facing death by Alzheimer’s (and related conditions). She has no idea where she is or what is going on around her. Doesn’t know family members. She is falling at least twice a day……it is against the law to restrain a person in a wheelchair with a belt, etc. NOW they want to take her to a “special hospital” and try “new drugs” that they say may bring back her cognitive abilities. The nursing home can’t handle her so what are the options for the family!? She has signed a DNR (do not resuscitate) paper.

At what point can somebody say…………this is it! We have to respect her DNR! Who will stand up and say this is insane to force this woman to continue living like this?

One possible option is to place her in Hospice care in one of the special units that many hospitals have. Hospice is there to keep the patient comfortable and out of pain (many definitions of that word)!

I took one of the first courses on Hospice 30 years ago. Back then we weren’t allowed in the hospitals unless a doctor gave permission. Times have changed!!!! Now Medicare covers Hospice care most of the time……..maybe even all of the time………….BUT it used to be only for “dying” people……….now they can work with patients for at least up to 2 years under special circumstances. At least here they can manage a patient’s “pain”.

We need to change some laws to respect the wishes of the dying and their families!

You don’t realize the situation until you LIVE IT YOURSELF……………and then is too late.

BE aware! Be proactive! Assist the living! Honor the weary! And honor those too sick to help themselves! That is the very least we should be able to do!




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