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Lost Somewhere In-between Life and Death

Where do you stand on such a life and death topic? You aren’t dead but you can’t get well and they won’t let you die! A lady I know is now facing death by Alzheimer’s (and related conditions). She has … Continue reading

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Road Trip! Upper New York State/VA.

Trips away from our everyday routines are good for the soul! IF for nothing else, when you get back you feel like, “Ain’t no place like HOME”……..if you don’t get that feeling when you come back home, you need to … Continue reading

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IT IS AMAZING how reading one book can lead us from that effort on┬áto many more topics of interest! When I read Proof of Heaven several months ago I concluded that it was a monumental book. The companion book, The … Continue reading

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Update, Proof of Heaven Book Club

WOW! Response has been phenomenal! The book club (Proof of Heaven Book Club) has no official name yet………..but our purpose is to be a forum for questions about death and dying and NDE’s! As we all know, there are “certain … Continue reading

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Update, Proof of Heaven and The Map of Heaven/Book Club Meeting/Review/Discussion

After reading Proof of Heaven and The Map of Heaven it amazed me to learn how many people have not only read them but have had NDE’s (near death experiences) themselves or have had family members that have! And how … Continue reading

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WOW! PROOF OF HEAVEN AND A MAP OF HEAVEN!!! Can you believe that!? Really now, proof of heaven and a map of it to go along with it!? Come on! 100’s of books have been written about death and dying, … Continue reading

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